A Beeswax furniture polish based on an Old English furniture polish recipe. A natural way to protect and restore wood furniture.
Happy to Bee able to protect wood or help with wood restoration. Cream Beeswax
Furniture Polish

A useful and practical gift for furniture collectors.

Share the unique experience of a sense of continuing something, enhancing something and harming nothing.

Beeswax wood furniture polish for wood care.Traditional English Cream Beeswax Furniture Polish creates a superb polish. This polish is all natural and contains no silicone ingredients.

Neutral Traditional Cream Beeswax Furniture Polish is a superb way to create a beautiful protective finish. Mahogany Brown Beeswax Furniture Polish is more appropriate for medium to dark woods.

Traditional English Beeswax Furniture Polish is the perfect way to care for and restore wood furniture using some of nature's finest ingredients.

Applications of English Beeswax Furniture Polish

Three jars of Furniture Protection.  All natural wood care.Traditional English Beeswax Furniture Polish is ideal for use on virtually any wood. Use the polish sparingly and buff with a soft cloth, working along the grain. Regular use brings out the fine patina of the wood, and gives it a silky finish. This polish is perfect for reviving any distressed wood.

Nourish, and preserve your beautiful wood furniture with the same polish that the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge England uses.

With concern for the environment and the movement away from synthetic products, Beeswax Furniture Polish is a natural choice when you require products based on traditional recipes, using natural ingredients, tried and tested over generations. Put it to use on your next wood restoration project!

Beeswax polish product line includes furniture polish creams and beeswax sticks.Components of English Beeswax Furniture Polish

Traditional English Beeswax Furniture Polish is made from a recipe which contains no silicons and which dates back to 1853. The beeswax polish feeds and preserves the wood while also providing a hard protective finish. Use the polish which is used around the world with success!

Available in 5 oz jars of both Neutral and Mahogany Brown creams.
This size jar makes a great gift for any furniture collector or restorer.

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Beeswax Cream Furniture Polish

Solid Beeswax Utility. Great for the sportsman, homemaker, or handyman.

Solid Beeswax Sticks

Solid beeswax has a variety of uses, including the following: filling worm-holes in furniture; a lubricant in wood turning; in Batik making and egg decoration; lace making; waxing thread for easier needle threading and sewing; lubricating runners on drawers; waxing archery bows and bow strings; waxing fishing line for greater floatability; prevent rust and ease use of saw blades and woodworking tools; lubricate zippers on parkas, dry suits and sports clothing; and no doubt in a number of other applications.

Put our honey bees to work on
your next project!

Beeswax sticks are natural
pollution-free, biodegradable,
and renewable.

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